Story About 1986 El Salvador in 2009 China


I randomly met this lady who teaches TOEFL at CAFA, and after seven-years living in Beijing is now going back to the US – for good , on the same date as me–31st of October!

She sat there sipping her coffee outside the grey CAFA Café and told me this creepy story:

Right after the 10th October 1986 earthquake that hit El Salvador terribly, she was going through El Salvador to Costa Rica and at the airport was taken out of the line by a sargento and arrested. Still she had to take her own transportation to jail (!). So she threatened the young cab driver by saying his first child would die with a spell of hers is he didn’t wait for her until she got out of jail–four-hours later!

She told me this story saying how angry she was at the time, especially because the airline did nothing to protect her. She had to resource to the British Embassy for rescue. She still thinks El Salvador is pretty though, if that accounts for anything. I told her how history was repeating with the current state of affairs in Honduras, that it was very sad to see those kinds of things happening in this century. I feel there’s a direct parallel between China and Honduras–in regards to the censorship, with the closure of the Radio Globo and Channel 36 over there. Now from afar, my spirit rejects Honduran political reality even more.

She also email-introduced me to this American artist who lives in both Beijing and Albuquerque who does beautiful Aztec and Maya graphics inspired weaving. Have invited both to come to Beijing Typography ’09 exhibit opening.


One thought on “Story About 1986 El Salvador in 2009 China

  1. Amazing story…I agree with you, dear Frida…these things should not be taking place in the 21st century!…Another great woman of spirit leaving her mark for a better world. Enjoy your trip and happy birthday, my dearest child!

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