CAFA exhibitions opening


La ceremonia oficial de apertura en el Museo CAFA fue el jueves 27 de octubre.

Wang Ziyuan, el jefe curador, dice de mi participación en Beijing Typography 2009: “Todos los expositores fueron invitados, sólo tres fueron aceptados por aplicación y uno de ellos fue Frida porque su trabajo es tan único”.

Fue muy gratificante oir estas palabras.
The official opening ceremony was at the CAFA Museum main hall on Tuesday 27th October.

Wang Ziyuan, the chair curator, on my participation at Beijing Typography 2009: “All the exhibitors were invited, only three were accepted by submission and one of them was Frida because of her unique work.”

It was very gratifying to hear this words.


Private view.

Frida with her German friends at the opening

Frida with her German friends at the opening.


Frida and Bo at the opening.


Randy Clark, Assistant Professor at South Dakota State University.


With my volunteer Stella. She's been an angel as language is such a hinderance.


Blurred description. Will take another one.


My book.


The space.


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