Propaganda-type carpet graphics


The Universidad Centraomericana (UCA) in Antiguo Cuscatlán in San Salvador commemorated the 20th anniversary of the killings of Jesuit professors through fabulous carpet designs.

Today, Monday November the 16th, is the anniversary of the killings of nine Spanish Jesuit professors by the death squads (sponsored by the governing Republican party) on campus during the civil war.

The civil war happened between 1979 – 1992. These assassinations took place in 1989 in the context of a capital city of San Salvador single and final guerilla offensive that led to the signing of the peace agreements by both sides-FMLN guerillas and the Government of El Salvador army on the 16th of January of 1992. Since then El Salvador has been a democratic and peaceful country aiming at reconstructing its international image.

In these pictures we see the university community working on propaganda carpets set-up along a road that goes through the gardens and buildings.

My main focus of this post is to show the beautiful typo/graphic executions with a simple technique of heavy grained salt mixed with colourant.


Carpet under construction


Hand-made grafica


Nuestro Ahora / Our Today





XX Anniversary


Segundo is the name of one of the Jesuit martyrs


A quote by I. Ellacuría, another of the martyrs




Me and my baby Yax

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