Stone by stone

Frida Larios

You might agree with me that a thousands of years ancient UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site and town like Copán Ruinas in Honduras demands culturally relevant information design–so this is what I am aspiring to with this little project.  Stone by stone perspectives can be widen to what can be done in the wayfinding field in developing countries, where graphic quality and production budget is a permanent constraint.

The single info/graphic resource for this natural sign is the New Maya Hieroglyph: Path To pictogram. These stones lead to the ‘Los Sapos’ archaeological site, a trail that had no signs and is now benefiting from an intelligible very simple system of: self-standing rocks from the local river + community craft + inclusive grafica + easy installation that can be read by any language-speaking audience, children end even illiterate– a highly common issue in this modern-Maya peoples region.


Natural dye


Born to be wild

Carving stone

Tulio Copán resident and master stone-carver

Stone carver

Beautiful light early in the morning

Detailed carving

Carving through the pictogram

Heavy stone

Finding home from the pile with the help of four-men


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