A New Maya Wedding

Frida Larios

Shannon and Knut met in the Roatan Bay Islands but fell in love in Copán, Honduras, an archaeological site of the Maya civilisation which was the capital city of a major Classic period kingdom.  Hacienda San Lucas is uniquely located overlooking this UNESCO World Heritage site and where this special couple’s love story and Maya sacred fire marriage ceremony took place.

I was honoured to be commissioned to design their wedding celebration look and feel including invitation, memento, menu, place name, thank you and cake design using my New Maya Language system.  Tyler did an amasing job by photo documenting the time they, their friends and family, that came from different corners of the world, spent in Copán visiting the ruins and then celebrating their union through both a Christian and Maya ritual.

I leave you with the graphic and beyond (!) outcomes and a taster of Tyler’s fantastic pictures.

For more photos of the day you can visit the official Hacienda San Lucas blog.


Fire Portal Pictogram Invite


Stone Memento

Stone place name

Stone place name

Menu design

Maya cuisine menu design

Bouquet design

Bouquet design

Corsage with wild orchids

Corsage with wild orchids

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