Frida and her beach volleyball


I don’t only dedicate to inventing a new maya language – I also have a hobby and passion since 1996 – beach volleyball.

My all-time partner Ana, an architect, and I were dedicated part-time beach volleyball professionals as well as pursuing our own careers until 2001 when we won a beach volleyball gold medal for our country El Salvador at Central American Games. Since then we have been on and off playing when our families and work allow.

Ana and me decided to practice and play together again for the on-going Golden Beach International NORCECA Grand Prix where the sponsor has set-up a sand court in the middle of the best shopping mall in San Salvador.

This time the press published a nice article about our come back titled – “Back to the sand – The pioneers of El Salvadorean beach volleyball re-encounter for this grand event.”

I will let you read the article published by La Prensa Gráfica, in Spanish though. We beat Trinidad and Tobago today but it’s a tough competition and we are doing it for fun and for El Salvador of course.

Double page-spread honouring our career together.

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