Beautiful quote

Frida Larios

I am sharing with you this note left on my guest-book by a charming Hacienda San Lucas guest this past weekend:

Dear Frida,

In an era where the wealth of knowledge and wisdom, reflected in ‘language’ is dying at an alarming rate, it is refreshing, encouraging and inspiring to see and view your dedication to creating a modern day Mayan language.

Your insight and beautiful art will make a difference.

Best Regards

Steve Gillick
President & C.O.O
The Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors

2 thoughts on “Beautiful quote

  1. Frida,

    he found exactly the words I would have liked to say to you. I will quote him when I go trying to get you an exposition in Groningen.

    Nicolette, a traveler from
    Groningen, Netherlands
    at the Hacienda in may 2010

    for my website: see the english summary, part about Copan and Hacienda San Lucas

  2. Nicolette,

    I am so honoured that you were fond of my artworks and that there is now another piece of myself (and the Hacienda) in the Netherlands. I will send more support info by email re – exhibition.

    Look forward to reading your website!


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