Graphic Birdwatching

Frida Larios, London

As commented on eye magazine’s blog:

I am happy to be the first woman to congratulate Valeria, Joana, and Catherine, specially, & co. for this initiative. Led by fellow leading MA (CSM – Central Saint Martins) ladies I am not amased to see the project go from strength to strength – certain that this is only the start.

In my case, coming from a developing Central American region and being a woman have been both a little bit of a challenge indeed. Graphic design practice is not as readily recognised as in developed countries, even though I know there are still complaints about no recognition “up” there, believe me there is still a huge difference. Serious graphic design communication, dialogue and promotion only happens in the northern hemispheres so access to this channels is harder when a woman is born, raised and based in the tropics. Being a woman is just the “icing on the cake”, specially when you want to deal with clients who are used to dealing business affairs with their same sex i.e. other males. It’s like you start out with the left foot on the door, not all the time but many times.

Having lived in London and now living in Honduras has put me back in touch with the power of women, specially the ones living in poverty, as the “men” in their house-holds. They are the ones who care for children and who use their talents and potential to bring food to the table of sometimes, more then ten children, while men drink and continue to have children outside their home. This sounds like a cliché – an unfortunate real cliché.

The fabulous thing is that Graphic Birdwatching has allowed women with my profile to share women-only led initiatives and works that would probably be lost in the normal male / female environment. Eye (the prestigious British magazine) recognising this efforts is another step towards equality.

Birdwatching new website launch celebratory event

Birdwatching new website launch event invite

BirdWatching is a socially driven, young organisation that connects, shares and recognises the work of female graphic designers.

The girls will be launching their new website and will be hosting a fun event on Friday, 16 July “in the heart of London’s creative nest.”

Second Floor – Netil House
1 Westgate Street
E8 3RL London

One of El Salvador's tropical birds' contribution

One of El Salvador's tropical birds' contribution

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