My Mother Tongue Submission

Frida Larios, Montreal, Taipei

YAL - Child of Mother

yal – Child of mother

The Maya natives of Mesoamerica, in their nearly 2000-year ancient hieroglyphic writing, pictured the “thumbs-up” hand as a symbol of harvesting, completing, and binding. In the case of the word ya-AL (yal), the harvest is a child – the fruits of the womb. In the same way our mother tongue is the product of our upbringing and culture. The flames represent the fire coming out of our mouth when we speak – when we speak with the passion of our native language.

This was my submission executed in the ancient Maya art of calligraphy (click here to see more works with this technique).  You are welcome to submit your own visual, verbal or written piece on the INDIGO, Mother Tongue project, website.

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