WildHeart Vision


It all comes back to indigenous design – at least in my world.


New Maya Language© pictogram turned logo for WildHeart Vision

WildHeart Vision is a multimedia production company that intends to gather the greatest archive of ancient indigenous wisdom documentaries from around the world.  WildHeart Vision might become one of the Helsinki 2012 World Design Capital partners, so they asked for a testimonial linking innovation and indigenous-inspired design.  This was my quote related to my New Maya Language work used in their proposal:

The Maya hieroglyphic language did not only record the political and transcendent affairs.  The script was carefully conceived and designed by multi-talented artists and wisemen, themselves carriers of the knowledge they wrote about, expressed through different media: stone murals, steles and sculptures, ceramics, utilitarian products, jewellery, and books.  There seems to be little difference with practicing designers today, except that our profession is not as valued as in ancestral times.  T heir profession was indeed royal. Like Michael D. Coe says: “Maya artists could be kings.”

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