Inlightenment Comes To Light!

Frida Larios, Graphic Design, New Maya Language

Inlightenment K'IN Masthead

The Maya, like other Asian and Indian civilisations, were talented calligraphers who expressed their brush art through book writing and pottery. They used water-lily thrushes as pens, and bark-made paper on jaguar felt-bound books as media.

Shannon Kring Buset, an award-winning writer, cook, and producer, is the editor of Inlightenment: Nourishing the Sacred Within, an e-magazine for which she called me to design the logo and masthead.  The meaningful articles are insights into real people’s experiences looking for a more soulful existence amidst an empty consumer-moved world.

A New Maya Language custom pictogram was designed.  The K’IN hieroglyph was used as inspiration, and symbolises sun, flower, the colour yellow and the south cardinal point–the perfect meaning for a soul-seeking publication.

In the spirit of New Maya Language, I brought the ancient artistic expression to life in our modern world by using their traditional calligraphy.  By utilising our hands to write instead of a computer keyboard we connect with our inner selves–from our head, through our heart, and onward to our hands.

You can subscribe to Inlightenment: Nourishing the Sacred Within here.

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