New Year with New Pizza Language


Starting the year with a light and hands-on post–by rolling dough for pizza. My friend Laura gave me the recipe when I was staying with her in Italy.

Paul, my brother-in-law, made a delicious Maranzano tomatoes salsa with marjoram.  Ingredients were added on the flat bases and were stone-baked in his special ceramic smoker.

Pizza numero uno composition: mozzarella, cheddar, mascarpone, bacon, and, rosemary. Pizza numero dos: mozzarella, prime-rib strips from new year’s eve dinner, shallots, and, rosemary.

And here are the pictures–of course Tyler and Yax helped with the preparations.

One thought on “New Year with New Pizza Language

  1. Hola Frida,

    Feliz año nuevo, Mi nombre es Pablo, estoy terminando mi Bachillerato en Diseño Gráfico en la Universidad de Arte de Islandia. Me encanto tu trabajo acerca del Nuevo Lenguaje Maya y me gustaría saber como puede contactarte. Estoy escribiendo mi ensayo de graduación y el tema es Influencia de la cultura Maya en el Diseño Gráfico. Espero poder escuchar de vos pronto.

    Pablo Santos

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