Frida fashion collection poster art

Fashion design, Frida Larios, San Francisco

I have been working on a women’s fashion line for Explode la Mode event in the Mission, San Francisco.  I tried to inspire myself, not in the spirit of the latest trend, but in how my symbols could come to life on a human body.  You can see the full shoot on my new website, in the meantime I leave you with one of the shots.

Womenswear 2011

Womenswear 2011

Photography by Tyler, my gorgeous husband.

Model: Raquel Lorenzana, my Salvadorean cousin.

Ceramic Vessel with Beans dress by Frida. 100% patched by hand in my talented friend Lourdes Escamilla’s workshop in El Salvador.

Crop Harvesting pendant by Frida. Hand-carved in lime-stone with encrusted jade by Don Mundo, Copán Maya indigenous stone carver.  It takes him a week to produce one (!)

Wood-wedge sandals and upper genuine leather designed by Frida, manufactured in Copán, Honduras by Noe and Carlos my craftsmen.

Artwork design by Frida.

Special thanks to my New Maya Mundo S.A. de C.V. partner José Antonio Escobar.  To Gloria Chávez – my beloved mini-Frida assisting me with designs.  To Daniela Escobar for advising with public relations..


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