My art in London – Family At Home

Frida Larios, Graphic Design, London, New Maya Language
La Familia en Londres

La Familia en Londres

Rhoda, her husband and little Zakar own two of my artworks: Family at Home (see image above), which is a New Maya Hieroglyph routed on sustainable forests’ teak wood; and Town on Fire, a tempera painting on 350gsm water colour paper.

The reason Rhoda wanted the Family at Home piece was because she and her family were moving to a new home in London, just as Zakar was about to be born. They wanted something that represented the family and blessed the new home.

I am delighted with her words about my New Maya Language art:

Here are some photos of the pieces – I really really love them. They are my pride and joy and everyone always looks at them when they come – they are not sure what to say but you can see they admire them! Then eventually they ask and I say who they are by and how lovely and unusual they are!

Dr. L. Rhoda Molife, Medical Oncologist and Principal Investigator in the Drug Development Unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital, United Kingdom

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