A Stone Carver And His Mountain Studio

Art, Copan, Frida Larios, New Maya Language, Photography, Photojournalism

La Pintada is a developing indigenous community in Copán Ruins, Honduras—an UNESCO World Heritage Maya archaeological site. For two years I was in close contact with the inhabitants of this small village while me and my family lived in the nearby mountains at Hacienda San Lucas.

Now living in Berkeley, California, the time spent with Don Mundo and his family when I come back to visit, is even more precious. Don Mundo is one of the Maya-chortí stone artisans who sculpts my New Maya Language designs. Together, we have developed the special© jade on stone technique. My purpose is to help him and his descendants improve his livelihood and workshop space through supporting his works with fair wages. When someone wears one of my designs they are also helping keep the ancestral mastery of stone carving alive.

You can read more about Don Mundo in my article: Don Mundo–A Maya-chortí Indigenous Stone Carver.

All photographs Tyler Orsburn©. You can follow my husband Tyler on Twitter or Blogspot, or visit his website.

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