New Maya Life exhibition to be hosted by the Museo para la Identidad Nacional in coordination with University of Pennsylvania

Art, Copan, Design, Fashion design, Frida Larios, Pennsylvania, Photography, Tegucigalpa

New Maya Life - Family at HomeNew Maya Life - To learn (Open book)

Our first joint, husband and wife, New Maya Life [Nueva Vida Maya] photo, paintings and fashion exhibition, will be hosted by the Museo para la Identidad Nacional in coordination and parallel to University of Pennsylvania Museum breakthrough exhibition Maya 2012: Lords of Time from November 2012 – February 2013.

The collections of works is a celebration of the lives and customs of contemporary Maya people in anticipation to a new cycle beginning December 21, 2012.

NEW MAYA LIFE highlights the more than 2000-year-old indigenous Maya culture. The modern art, craft and daily life of Mayans is celebrated through new picto/graphic interpretations by husband and wife–Tyler Orsburn and Frida Larios. Their creations look for inspiration in the rural life of Maya-chortí people in Copán, Honduras living in the mountains of a UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site. Tyler’s intimate images of this ethnic population’s humble existence, and Frida’s unique redesigns of their ancestors’ hieroglyphic language, open a window to an otherwise underlooked community.