Package and Design Magazine in China Publication

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As written in Package and Design:

AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design Competition – Based in the U.S. the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural design is an AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) community established to foster greater communication between designers across cultures, as well as a better understanding of the interwoven experience of design and culture in our lives.

Many visual communicators will naturally concur with the notion that the audience’s culture is critical to effective communication, but few are truly conscious how much our “melting pot” or “mosaic” environments create visual chimera, or what we call Cross Cultural Design.  To encourage our community to express their experience and aspirations, we conceived “Celebrating the Role of Culture in Design”.  Over a 12-week period, designers were asked to submit print, video, photography or interactive pieces that would answer the question:  How do you express the intersection between culture and design in today’s world?

We received submissions from all over the world including El Salvador, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, Columbia and the Netherlands.  The submissions from the United States reflected the expected diversity of voices, calling on a variety of cultural heritages and social issues.  The work was judged by an international panel selected for their contribution to visual communications and branding work worldwide.

CAFA Museum Website Publication

Beijing, Frida Larios, Graphic Design, New Maya Language

Aquí está el link e imagen de pantalla del website del Museo CAFA (Central Acadamy of Fine Arts Museum, inaugurado para los Juegos Olímpicos de Beijing 2008), que publicó algunas imágenes de las exhibiciones. ¡Espero pueden identificar mis carteles, libro y rompecabezas de madera Niño Verde atrás! Ahi pueden también ver el resto de exhibiciones que hubo, como por ejemplo Greengaged, fundado y organizado por las británicas Sophie Thomas y Annie Chick.
Here is the link and screen shot of CAFA Museum’s (Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum inaugurated for the Beijing 2008 Olympics) website that published some images of the exhibitions. Hope you can spot my posters, book, and Green Child wooden puzzle at the back! You can browse through the other exhibitions that took place, like Greengaged, founded and organised by British designers Sophie Thomas and Annie Chick.


Exhibition view


CAFA Art Museum Website

Beijing Typography 2009 Catalogue

Beijing, Frida Larios, Graphic Design, New Maya Language

Este es el catálogo de los 80 diseñadores tipo-gráficos internacionales seleccionados para exhibir en Beijing Typography 2009. BT ’09 fue parte de la más grande serie de exhibiciones de diseño gráfico que jamás hayan tomado lugar en China. Fui la única latinamericana seleccionada por el jurado para participar. En las primeras páginas se publicó un cuestionario que pregunta acerca de la vida de un diseñador y trata de investigar la recurrencia con que se usa papel y pluma para escribir o que tanto uno se apoya en la tecnología. Interesante.
Catalogue collection of the 80 international typo/graphic designers selected for exhibition at Beijing Typography 2009. BT ’09 was part of the largest graphic design series of exhibitions to ever take place in China. I was the only Latin American selected by the jury. In the up-coming post you can find my answers to the questionnaire to all the 80 exhibiting designers. Questions related to the life of a designer nowadays.


Typography. Unity with New Life, front and back cover.


To the left there is a Questions & Answers section asking me how often I hand-wrote letters, if I believed design changes life or life changes design, etc. The new trend here is to counter-act globalisation through hand-writing



The Hacienda's oven featured on one of the spreads!

Sneak preview of my exhibits

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Hoy inauguró finalmente la exhibición! Son 80 diseñadores chinos e internacionales invitados de alrededor del mundo pero sólo una de latinoamérica!

En estos momentos me dirijo a la apertura / ceremonia de inauguración de la exhibición en CAFA, pero les anticipo una foto de esta mañana con una artista americana que vive en Beijing que visitó mi humilde espacio.

The exhibition finally inaugurated today! Eighty chinese and international designers from around the world where invited but just one from Latin America!

I am on my way to the private view / opening ceremony of the exhibition at CAFA but I’m previewing a pic taken this morning with an American artist who lives in Beijing who visited my little New Maya area.


With Nancy Kozikowzki, American artist – weaver based in Beijing and New Mexico


My birthday in Beijing, China

Beijing, Frida Larios, New Maya Language

Tuve un bello día con la pequeña ayuda de mis nuevos amigos pero definitivamente me hizo falta mi familia: Tyler & Yax!

Had a great day with a little help from my friends but I sure missed my boys: Tyler & Yax!


At Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant


Delightful shrimp dim sum


Cold salad with peanuts


Fresh steamed fish


Frida & Bo who kindly invited me for lunch


Gallery on a historic building from the Ming dynasty


Bo at gallery's front door


Beautiful work


Book fair at Di Tan park


National Performance Arts Center aka "Egg" at night


Inside the "egg" where the Icograda World Congress inaugural day took place