#Mandela Poster Project

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New African Map, Charis Tsevis (Greece)

You are invited to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday and his life’s contribution to humanity by creating a poster or series of posters. The project aims to collect 95 exceptional posters from around the world and collate them into an online publication and traveling exhibition.


Emerging Underworld Serpent 3, Frida Larios, El Salvador/Honduras/USA

Project Background

  • All designers and artists are invited to celebrate the life of the globally beloved icon Nelson Mandela by creating a poster or series of posters . The collection will be launched on the occasion of his 95th birthday, 18 July 2013.
  • The project is not for gain and is coordinated by an independent team of volunteers. The poster collection and all proceeds that may arise from the project will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust to aid in the establishment of a dedicated children’s hospital in Johannesburg.

Hervé Matine, France

Project Goals

  • Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life through a collection of posters.
  • Collect 95 exceptional posters from around the world in 60 days.
  • Contribute to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust.

Lehlogonolo Mokotedi, South Africa

Project Deadline
21 June 2013

Project Specifications
Print: A2, 300dpi in PDF format with no bleed

95 Rainbows, Steve Rayner, South Africa

Project Contributors
Participation is open to all

Booshan Belut, Mauritius

Project Scope
Web gallery
International travelling exhibition

Nkosikhona Ngcobo, South Africa

Project Schedule
14 June: Confirmation of participation
21 June: Poster submission deadline
27 June: Curating of works
18 July: Launch of online gallery
Dates and venues for the travelling exhibition are currently under development

Russell Kennedy, Australia

Comments & Observations

  • The Mandela legacy needs to be respected.
  • Please ensure that you respect all copyrights and secure permissions where required.
  • This is meant to be a tribute to a legendary man from us, the creative community.
  • You acknowledge that all works submitted is yours and you own all rights to it.
  • The facilitators of this project cannot take any responsibility for any copyright infringements or misrepresentations made by persons submitting work to this project. All work is accepted in good faith.
  • Contributors agree to donate their poster/s without charge to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust and allow the Trust to exhibit and reproduce copies as part of its fundraising programme. The Trust will respect the intellectual rights of all contributors/creators and will not sell copies of the artwork without written permission.

Humanity, Hon Bingwah, China

Project team

  • Mohammed Jogie (founder, co-curator and logistics lead)
  • Jacques Lange (co-curator, international liaison and exhibitions lead)
  • Marco Cannata (sponsorship lead)
  • Vuyo Lutseke (media & communications officer at Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust)
  • Kelo Kubu (legal lead)
  • Ithateng Mokgoro (branding lead)
  • Frances Frylinck (communications and social media)

Brenda Sanderson, Canada

Contact us
Jacques Lange, jacquesL@iafrica.com
Mohammed Jogie, mo@creativeweek.pro
See more at https://plus.google.com/communities/100850254119174737190

Wandisile Mokwebo, South Africa

Mohammed Jogie, South Africa

Honoured to be named an INDIGO Ambassador

Frida Larios

Montréal, Canada – I was honoured to accept the role of INDIGO Ambassador last week.  INDIGO is an International Council of Graphic Design Associations or ICOGRADA led initiative that supports and celebrates modern indigenous design through uniting designers and their cultural contexts through a global collaborative platform.  I am fascinated by INDIGO and its aspirations, as expressed by Brenda Sanderson, icograda’s Managing Director:

Showcasing indigenous design as a vibrant and living profession, not simply drawing on historical practice and iconography engaging indigenous populations in a manner that is inclusive and respectful, and empowers improved livelihoods.

Indigo is represented by ambassadors from around the world: Australia, the United States, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia and Switzerland. They are individuals committed to creating an awareness of the network, its projects and promoting engagement with designers, stakeholders and the public at large within their communities.

As an Ambassador I hope to be able to open a space for indigenous design dialogue in the Central American region for crafters, designers, stakeholders and their audience. Even though the region is rich in traditional native art and craft, designers are still to discover its potential transforming it into research, collaborative projects and products that enhance history – with a modern voice – that speaks to our own Central American citizens, the international community and the public sector.

Respect and knowledge of indigenous populations, the main actors and carriers of unique ancestral artistry, is key for the INDIGO local network (that I intend to promote) to be able to evolve design inclusive of ethnic, environmental and social context. Furthermore, indigenous design needs to create a real platform for the improvement of livelihoods in third world conditions’ framework. INDIGO is a beautiful ICOGRADA project that can help embrace local identities shared on a global scale and I hope my participation will contribute to reach these objectives.