DIAGRAMS by Rotovision publication

Frida Larios, London

This book curated and written by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser published by Rotovision, United Kingdom, gathers information graphic designs from around the world.  They included a double-page spread case study of my New Maya Hieroglyphs Archaeological Site masters thesis project I presented at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London in 2005.   This thesis work was the basis for New Maya Language: the 120-page book, fine art, and applications.

As part of her research for the project, Larios investigated how the Maya scriptures could be adapted for contemporary use. The result of her research is a graphic system that she has named New Maya Language. It involves a redesign of certain Mayan ideographs that communicate concepts and even sentences, Larios’ diagrams explain how these symbols can be interpreted and combined, for example, by bringing the words stone and fire together to mean “lava stone.”

The book has an outstanding collection of works. I am also sharing with you one of my favourites, which are a set of cards for the Goethe-Institut and DAAD London that teach German to English speakers through football.  The most loved sport in the world also speaks a universal language, doesn’t it?