Announcing Conference, Book Presentation, and Solo Exhibition at the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala

Art, Frida Larios, Guatemala, Language, Mexico, New Maya Language

Centro Cultural, Embajada de Mexico en Guatemala

His Excellency the Ambassador of México in Guatemala has confirmed a wonderful event to take place during January 2013, in which my full body of work will be exhibited, including: New Maya Language hand-painted pictographic poster series, jewellery, and dress collection.

The exhibition will be inaugurated with a keynote conference and presentation of my book–New Maya Language on Tuesday January 8, 2013 at the Centro Cultural de México ‘Luis Cardoza y Aragón’, Embassy of México in Guatemala.

This is the perfect celebration of the end of a 5,125 year cycle in the Maya Long Count calendar in 2012, and the beginning of a new one in 2013.