From left to right: Planting Seeds, Crop Harvesting, and Green Child

From left to right: Planting Seeds, Crop Harvesting, and Green Child.

This is a 50 x 70cm New Maya Language paintings’ tryptic acquired by Christian and Didde Østergaard in Copenhagen, Dernmark last August.

The Green Child on the right has a special symbolism as they welcome their own green child into the world.

Photo courtesy of Didde Svendborg.

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My art at Vesta in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Art, Frida Larios, Graphic Design, Tegucigalpa

Vesta is a leading logistics company in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with branches across Central America.  Vesta means the fire of the home or the community, which inspired the flame image that I came up with as their brand identity.

Vesta Logo

Logo design

Their owners liked my New Maya Language art and decided to use it for their offices.

To learn more about Vesta, have a look at their website, designed by Tyler and Frida (formerly known as SapoSerpiente):

From left to right: Family at Home, To Build. Crop Harvesting, To Eat

From left to right: Family at Home, To Build, Crop Harvesting, To Eat

Frida in Scandinavia and Europe

Frida Larios, London, Madrid, Paris

Have started my European tour with a leg in Helsinki.

You are wondering what am I doing here?! The answer is–-presenting some New Maya Language surface designs. Will be here in Helsinki until Thursday the 18th. On Thursday I am off to Paris to see some fashion designers, and meeting-up with my dear friend Ana María Echeverria and Sali Sasaki, INDIGO Ambassador. On Sunday 21st November Madrid awaits with its Iberoamerican Design Biennale 2010 where my Green Child puzzle will be exhibited. Finishing in London from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th to see Gaby my sister, my brother-in-law, niece and some clients.

So there you go, have published my itinerary so that my friends and family know where I am!

Next I will be sharing some first pictures and short descriptions.


From the Tropics to the Nordics

Photography contribution by Tyler Orsburn and Rosa Meléndez©

My art in Leipzig, Germany

Frida Larios
Family at Gerhardt's Home

Family at Gerhardt's Home

Gerdt, who purchased his first art acquisition during his travels, sent me a note saying he had his ‘Family at Home’ gouaché painting hanging at his Leipzig home.

He said about my art für alle Deutsch-sprechende:

“Hallo Frida,
toll, dass wir uns kennengelernt haben! Deine New Mayan Language ist faszinierend! Beeindruckt hat mich auch Deine Gold medallie bei den Zentralamerikanischen Spielen im Beach volleyball für El Salvador.

What a great pleasure meeting you! I find your New Mayan Language fascinating! I was also impressed by your Central American gold medal in beach volleyball for El Salvador!”

Gerhardt Kalterherberg

Tyler & Frida Artworks’ Auction and Exhibition

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An exhibition of the auctioned artists previews today and will remain open until the 12th of October–-culminating in the auction on the night of the 14th, at the Museo de la Identidad Nacional MIN (National Identity Musem), Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Los invito a la primera subasta de arte que promueve el coleccionismo en Honduras en donde las obras de Tyler (mi esposo) y mía, han sido seleccionadas por el jurado para ser subastadas.

Día: Jueves 14 de octubre
Hora: 7:00p.m
Lugar: Museo para la Identidad Nacional, Centro Histórico de Tegucigalpa
120 obras de artistas internacionales se subastarán.

Las obras a subastar serán exhibidas del 1 al 12 de Octubre en el MIN.

Tyler Orsburn's auction photograph

Artisan by Tyler

Frida Larios' Auction Painting

Burning Village by Frida

Graphic Birdwatching

Frida Larios, London

As commented on eye magazine’s blog:

I am happy to be the first woman to congratulate Valeria, Joana, and Catherine, specially, & co. for this initiative. Led by fellow leading MA (CSM – Central Saint Martins) ladies I am not amased to see the project go from strength to strength – certain that this is only the start.

In my case, coming from a developing Central American region and being a woman have been both a little bit of a challenge indeed. Graphic design practice is not as readily recognised as in developed countries, even though I know there are still complaints about no recognition “up” there, believe me there is still a huge difference. Serious graphic design communication, dialogue and promotion only happens in the northern hemispheres so access to this channels is harder when a woman is born, raised and based in the tropics. Being a woman is just the “icing on the cake”, specially when you want to deal with clients who are used to dealing business affairs with their same sex i.e. other males. It’s like you start out with the left foot on the door, not all the time but many times.

Having lived in London and now living in Honduras has put me back in touch with the power of women, specially the ones living in poverty, as the “men” in their house-holds. They are the ones who care for children and who use their talents and potential to bring food to the table of sometimes, more then ten children, while men drink and continue to have children outside their home. This sounds like a cliché – an unfortunate real cliché.

The fabulous thing is that Graphic Birdwatching has allowed women with my profile to share women-only led initiatives and works that would probably be lost in the normal male / female environment. Eye (the prestigious British magazine) recognising this efforts is another step towards equality.

Birdwatching new website launch celebratory event

Birdwatching new website launch event invite

BirdWatching is a socially driven, young organisation that connects, shares and recognises the work of female graphic designers.

The girls will be launching their new website and will be hosting a fun event on Friday, 16 July “in the heart of London’s creative nest.”

Second Floor – Netil House
1 Westgate Street
E8 3RL London

One of El Salvador's tropical birds' contribution

One of El Salvador's tropical birds' contribution

Beautiful quote

Frida Larios

I am sharing with you this note left on my guest-book by a charming Hacienda San Lucas guest this past weekend:

Dear Frida,

In an era where the wealth of knowledge and wisdom, reflected in ‘language’ is dying at an alarming rate, it is refreshing, encouraging and inspiring to see and view your dedication to creating a modern day Mayan language.

Your insight and beautiful art will make a difference.

Best Regards

Steve Gillick
President & C.O.O
The Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors

Propaganda-type carpet graphics


The Universidad Centraomericana (UCA) in Antiguo Cuscatlán in San Salvador commemorated the 20th anniversary of the killings of Jesuit professors through fabulous carpet designs.

Today, Monday November the 16th, is the anniversary of the killings of nine Spanish Jesuit professors by the death squads (sponsored by the governing Republican party) on campus during the civil war.

The civil war happened between 1979 – 1992. These assassinations took place in 1989 in the context of a capital city of San Salvador single and final guerilla offensive that led to the signing of the peace agreements by both sides-FMLN guerillas and the Government of El Salvador army on the 16th of January of 1992. Since then El Salvador has been a democratic and peaceful country aiming at reconstructing its international image.

In these pictures we see the university community working on propaganda carpets set-up along a road that goes through the gardens and buildings.

My main focus of this post is to show the beautiful typo/graphic executions with a simple technique of heavy grained salt mixed with colourant.


Carpet under construction


Hand-made grafica


Nuestro Ahora / Our Today





XX Anniversary


Segundo is the name of one of the Jesuit martyrs


A quote by I. Ellacuría, another of the martyrs




Me and my baby Yax

Beijing via Los Angeles


Tengo que esperar 12 horas en Los Angeles para el vuelo de LAX-Beijing así que porque no visitar a mi gran amigo y ex-entrenador de voleibol de playa en Hermosa Beach para recordar los viejos tiempos?

Pero primero: a comprar un nuevo cordón de electricidad para mi MacBook Pro en la Apple Store de Manhattan Beach ya que como se habrán enterado en el post anterior, se me olvidó en San Salvador.
I have a 12-hour wait at Los Angeles before the next LAX-Beijing leg, so why not visit my great friend and former beach volleyball coach at Hermosa Beach to reminiscence the good-old days?

But first things first–purchase a new AC cord for my MacBook Pro at Manhattan Beach’s Apple Store as I had forgotten it in San Salvador, found out when I was already at the airport 😦

Apple Store Manhattan Beach

Apple Store Manhattan Beach

With Dick–Frida and Ana's beach volleyball coach

With Dick–Frida and Ana's beach volleyball coach