The Anglo Central American Society invites you to a lecture about the Mayan Predictions: Maya: End of Days?

When? Wednesday, 24 October 2012 at 6pm

Where? Denys Holland Lecture Theatre, UCL Faculty of Laws, Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens, WC1H 0EG London

Who? Lectures by Elizabeth Graham, PhD; Elizabeth Baquedano, PhD and Francisco Diego, PhD

NEW MAYA LANGUAGE sustainable jewellery pieces, book and toy exhibition by Frida Larios.

Members – £5
Non-members – £10
UCL students – Free

With many thanks to ACAS [through its Chairman, Judith Pollard, and Vice-chairman, Edith Ball] for supporting the New Maya Language cultural and sustainable message.

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From left to right: Planting Seeds, Crop Harvesting, and Green Child

From left to right: Planting Seeds, Crop Harvesting, and Green Child.

This is a 50 x 70cm New Maya Language paintings’ tryptic acquired by Christian and Didde Østergaard in Copenhagen, Dernmark last August.

The Green Child on the right has a special symbolism as they welcome their own green child into the world.

Photo courtesy of Didde Svendborg.

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Fire Portal Tempera on Water-colour Paper

Fire Portal Tempera on Water-colour Paper

Your beautiful “Shannon+Knut=Fire” has found a great, new home in Chicago’s Gold Coast. The photo doesn’t do your work justice, but I assure you it looks fabulous. Like its creator, it is an inspiration. THANK YOU!

Shannon Kring Buset, Author

You can read my Fire Portal Pictogram Decoding article to find out what the symbol means in the New Maya Language.

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Buen día Frida – 9/4/11

We visited La Hacienda today with the new US Ambassador. Our group had an amasing time – of course – but I was PLEASANTLY surprised to find such wonderful art here. Your new Mayan interpretations are stunning! I used to be an artist myself, but decided to be a diplomat instead 🙂 I hope to see more of your art and I wish you the most success! I can’t wait to purchase one of your designs!

Danielle Maniscalco

Danielle's Testimonial

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Commemorating this meaningful day with words by Jonathan Sinclair, Head of Ancient Surfaces in North America:

2000-year old Maya archaeological site in Copán, Honduras

2000-year old Maya archaeological site in Copán, Honduras. Photo by Gloria Chávez.

“Life is too short for people not to contemplate their past. If your personal past experiences define who you are, imagine the wealth of knowledge we can acquire from the cumulative experiences of all of our ancestors that came before us.

Even though they are long gone they still expect the best of us because we are the fruits of their labor, their love for one another and to their land.

So let’s honor them by making them proud of their greatest achievement, us…

I love what you stand for and what you are doing. Mucho gusto Frida.”

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By reinterpreting original Maya hieroglyphs and symbolic art, different brands have been able to enjoy the use of this new visual language.

Graphic identities

I am presenting a new section on my website called Identities, showcasing a collection of the New Maya Language’s application to different identity and visual communication projects. You can access it by going to and clicking on the Frida Larios’ logo in the middle. Each logo has its own sub-gallery with captions that explain the reasoning behind the piece of work.

If you would like to identify your brand with modern yet ancestral iconography, or through a custom drawn typeface, contact Frida.

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This is part II of my Mother Tongue Submission blog post where you can read about the concept behind this artwork.

YAL - Child of MotherThis was a fun calligraphic poster I designed to promote a beautiful INDIGO project like Mother Tongue.

You can learn about the project and view the diverse poster gallery here.

I am happy to inform that it was selected by the jury among the top 27 posters to be displayed at the first Mother Tongue exhibition at the National Taiwan University of Arts in Taipei, Taiwan from 17-30 October 2011.

I hope to up-date you with photos of the event by the end of October.

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Excerpt from Today we would be kings: Frida Larios’ New Maya Language By Frida Larios in DESIGN>MAGAZINE No. 19.

My journey to revive the visual language of the ancient Maya started in 2004 when I was studying towards a masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, located only two blocks away from the British Museum which holds some of the most important lintels in the Maya world. I was the first Salvadoran woman to study at Saint Martins. How could I not look for my own roots within an institution, and city, with marked avant-garde tendencies? It was my opportunity to show my peers and now the world how the Maya are one of the founding six pillars of the civilised world, inventors of the notion of zero and of one of the most accurate calendars in history. There is also a lack of recognition of their intelligent and advanced hieroglyphic language’s art form, within Mesoamerica (modern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador) itself, and beyond its boundaries. Now, as an ambassador for INDIGO (Icograda’s International Indigenous Design Network), it is my privilege to promote part of this ancient culture through my design work.

My New Maya Language is a unique system, in content and style, which rescues the ‘dead’ written language created by the Maya across Mesoamerica as far back as 300 BC. My vision for the New Maya Language is to recreate, re-compose and develop contemporary applications in different media: art, product and fashion design, brand identities, information design, wayfinding and education systems for archaeological sites and public spaces, as well as children’s toys. Through these diverse applications I aspire to promote iconographic meanings, education and play, whether it is by instigating conceptual thinking through a 0–12 year-old child’s game, T-shirts or simply by creating appreciation through my artworks, which to-date have been acquired by collectors around the world. Antonio Avia, Indigenous Education Director for the Organisation of Iberoamerican States had this to say about my artworks: “… your work presents another form of seeing, understanding, recreating, and above all, employing again in daily life, millenary means of expression. I am fascinated by this new vision of the glyphs.”

Continue reading this article in DESIGN>MAGAZINE No. 19.

The book I wrote, illustrated and designed the 120-page New Maya Language book so that people could learn about the original language of the Maya in a simple and practical way and to decode my new interpretation to others. The main chapter provides the formula for each of my pictograms, original hieroglyphs on the left page and the new hieroglyphs or result on the right. Finally I showcase various design applications.

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Via A Blog About Denim, Styling and Handcrafting by Ariela Suster.

As I mentioned in my last post I am in El Salvador, continuing the journey to launch my collection “Sequence” this September. I have been working with an artist from El Salvador, Frida Larios, who I have recently met and have gotten to know her work and incredible research and redesign of the ancient Mayan Language called “The New Maya Language.” We took a trip 2 hours outside of the city to source fabrics and discover more treasures that our small country has to offer. Here are some pictures from our journey.

Our trip ended with a delicious lunch of some of the tipical food of the town we visited, “tortillas con enrredo and ceviche.”

You can watch a San Sebastian weaver weaving on my youtube channel.



Ceviche and Enredos


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